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Saudi Doctors Get Discipline Whippings. How About it, America? You Mind Taking Notes?

In the Gulf kingdom of Saudi Arabia a criminal court judge sentenced an Arab physician to a 10-year prison term, after finding him guilty of having sexual relationships with female patients.

But that was only part of the punishment. The doctor was also ordered to be whipped as part of his societal restitution.

According to the Sabq News in the city of Riyadh, the unnamed physician admitted in court to having numerous affairs with women he had treated as patients.

The news line reported that the Kingdom’s religious police had caught the doctor performing an “obscene act” with a woman in her home in the city of Afif, a town of about 40,000 located between Mecca and the capital city Riyadh.

In the good ol' USA, the fornicating MD's immoral shenanigans would not have even merited the loss of one day's pay. Which of course at least partially explains why the United States has 10,000 times the amount of lab coat lunacy as does Saudi Arabia. Go figure.

Here’s another view of mid-eastern physician punishment:

* * *

Our Observations:

It was nine years ago, in November, 2008, the Saudi’s sentenced two Egyptian physicians to 1,000 lashes each, for drug trafficking and patient rape. Doctors Shawki Abd Raboh and Raouf El-Arabi were also sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.

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