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Muslim MD-Murderer in Kentucky Kills Himself While in Jail

In the city of Louisville a prisoner awaiting trial on charges of killing two homeowners association board members committed suicide by hanging himself from a bed sheet in his cell, according to county jail officials.

Mark Bolton, Louisville Metro Corrections Director, said that Mahmoud Yousef Hindi was discovered hanging in his cell at about 4:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

It was 5 years ago in September of 2012, when Hindi, a doctor, sneaked a loaded handgun into a homeowners association meeting being held at a local church. Investigators reported that after waiting about 30 minutes, Hindi stood up quickly and opened fire, shooting first association President David Merritt, age 73, and then board member Marvin Fisher, age 69.

Hindi, a Muslim immigrant, had been involved in longstanding property disputes, and appeared to have no understanding or patience for homeowner association law. He was particularly incensed that he was not allowed to build a fence in his yard. The size and location of the fence became such sore points that the Spring Creek Homeowners Association took Hindi to court several times.

In a videotaped interview with police, Hindi said he went to the meeting hoping to resolve the issues with Merritt and Fisher.

"I was hoping I could reason with them," Hindi told police. "But I said to myself, if they are not going to resolve peace(fully) with me, honestly, I had to kill them. So I took my gun."

The attorney for the prosecution called him “the epitome of danger to the community.”

The doctor, 55-year-old Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, was indicted on the charges of murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and wanton endangerment, in the Thursday evening shooting at a church.

And some people wonder why so many immigrant physicians are called 'Third World Assassins' in the halls of healthcare.

Go figure.

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