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Botox-Doc Rolls the Dice on Poker Face Scheme. Healthcare? You be the Judge

One botulinum toxin poster child

In the smoke & mirrors world of healthcare, there exist more than a few niches where patient ‘health’ is no part of the equation at all. And with a citizenry as gullible as the typical American – pill-peppy and gizmo-giddy – allowing sharp objects to be stuck into their faces for doctor-profit, strikes us as sheer madness on the part of both the “patient” and the drug-pusher.

And so enters physician Jack Berdy in New York, whose contributions to society now include “Pokertox” – the nifty new doctor-toy that can paralyze a card sharp’s expression to his or her advantage. A mere handful of nerve toxic injections into one’s forehead or mouth and presto! The perfect drug-induced poker face.

Lab coat prostitution? You be the judge.

“Some people might get a card they like or don’t like and raise their eyebrows,” Berdy told The Huffington Post. “We can fix that,” he manages to say with his own straight face.

Other “tells” on the face, he mentioned, might include a tendency to squint or curl the corners of the lips. While some players might want to make their stiff upper lip even stiffer, to avoid revealing their hand,

Berdy said “Pokertox” can also be used to bluff.

Berdy MD, an internist by training, states the idea came to him because he used to be a gambler himself, so using Botox to create poker faces seemed natural.

Yes, he really did use those words.

Of course a little research reveals that busy-Berdy performs about 100 facial procedures each week, and his website reports he charges about $700 for his Pokertox injections.

Just for fun, you might want to add up all those zeroes, and then ask yourself how deeply you suspect the fangs of prostitution have sunk into the flesh of U.S. “health care” professionals.

Just makes one proud to be an American.

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