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Beverly Hills Doctor-Scamster Nailed in Massive Medical Fraud Scheme

A jury in San Diego Federal Court has convicted a Beverly Hills physician of operating a stunning insurance scam. The criminal enterprise involved years of paying kickbacks for patient referrals, which allowed his various businesses to illegally bill insurance companies for at least $25,000,000 in medical services. In most cases the services - ultrasounds, blood tests and MRIs - were completely unnecessary.

Grusd & wife Helen. Sometimes medical maniacs look almost normal

Dr. Ronald Grusd, an x-ray specialist, owned and operated a bogus radiology chain called California Imaging Network, with offices in multiple cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Diego, among others.

According to the prosecution, Grusd and his clinic managers have billed California state workers compensation program over the past 8 years. They set up a fake business called Willow Consulting, to hide the crimes.

Grusd was convicted Wednesday on all charges: Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Healthcare Fraud and Conspiracy.

This latest medical embarrassment has not yet been sentenced.

Here's some more detail:

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