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Milwaukee Area MD Guilty of 4 Patient Sexual Assaults - Gets 12 Months in Jail

In the picturesque village of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, a lab coat sexual predator got little more than a short swat on the randy butt by a judge in Milwaukee County Criminal Court.

Doctor Evan Saunders, age 48 at the time, an OB/GYN specialist, was convicted of molesting 4 of his adult female patients during medical exams, which occurred in the years 2008, 2010 and 2011.

The convicting jury consisted of 9 women and 3 men.

In court testimony, four different women patients – ages 20 to 52 – described identical, very uncomfortable exams in Saunders’ office, which included repeatedly touching their genitals and breasts in ways that were absolutely unnecessary. They testified that he spoke to them about ways to increase their sexual feelings and behavior in inappropriate ways. One of the patients said he used a vibrator in his attempt to arouse her.

2,000 Criminal Physicians Convicted Each Year

Saunders was found guilty on all 4 counts of Sexual Assault as well as 4 lesser counts of Disorderly Conduct.

Saunders’ clinics have been closed and his medical license suspended by the state of Wisconsin. He was affiliated with Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, Aurora St Luke's South Shore, Columbia St Mary's Hospital, and Milwaukee Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.

More than 2,000 criminal doctors convicted each year

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