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Mid-Eastern MD Who Poisoned American Patients, Will Spend 40 Years in a Cage

Here’s an idea: Come to America. Ignore our vapid, toothless physician ‘oversight’. Rip off insurance payers by faking medical conditions. Injure and kill the appallingly gullible citizens who walk through the door. Retire a multi-millionaire back in your own country.

Is that a heck of a plan, or what?

And had he not grown so unbelievably greedy? Well, he likely would have gotten off scot-free,

Lebanese emigrant Doctor Farid Fata will spend at least the next 4 decades in federal prison, because The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to consider his appeal.

What to do with your medically-plundered millions? Why, buy a mansion in the same country you've raped and robbed, of course.

Fata’s attorneys had appealed to the Supreme Court after the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against him 3 years ago, saying this:

“This doctor made fake diagnoses and administered deadly, medically unnecessary, treatments for hundreds of patients. These patients relied on his presumed integrity and they accepted his presumed professional judgments — all to their detriment and to Fata’s financial gain.”

Here are just a few of the thousands of victims this evil physician damaged

Then the highest court in America announced in a brief statement that they too have turned down Fata’s appeal, and will therefore not hear the case.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office identified a shocking 550 victims, but suspect there have been many more. This particular medical monster treated at least 17,000 patients via his criminal enterprise – 7 Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers from at least 2009-2014.

The Supreme Court’s announcement comes 3 years after the Detroit-area physician confessed to poisoning literally hundreds of patients deliberately, inflicting unnecessary treatments and administering dangerous chemotherapy regimens. Some patients lost their teeth because of the unconscionable madman. No matter. By doing so he amassed $17,000,000 by illegally billing insurance providers.

This scamming, extremely dangerous doctor is a naturalized citizen whose native country is Lebanon. He was charged with operating a scam clinic empire that billed Medicare for thousands of totally unnecessary cancer treatments. After his arrest in 2013, government agents seized his mansion and numerous bank accounts. They established a $12,000,000 fund to assist the victims continued care and living expenses.

Federal agents actually recovered $13,000,000 of stolen money but $1,000,000 was paid to the whistle-blower in the case.

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