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Medical Maniac Surgeon Proudly Removes Model’s Ribs for Fun & Profit

In a pluperfect example of medical prostitution, a cosmetic surgeon has removed half of a nutty woman’s ribcage in order to accommodate her cartoon character fetish.

Yes indeed, a freaky female in a G-cup named Pixee Fox has reportedly invested $120,000 on surgeries so she can resemble her favorite animated toys.

The model, whose dream – or nightmare – is to look like Jessica Rabbit, has undergone nose work; eyelid bob; lip and cheek fillers, multiple breast surgeries; a tush lift; permanent makeup, and now, her lower six ribs removed to achieve her extreme look.

The Sweden-born body dysmorphic says making her waistline impossibly small, “has always been a dream.”

Doctor Barry Eppley, an Indiana surgeon, is proud enough of his work to not merely go public, but defend the idiocy. Eppley said that rib removal is now a reality and he has done it before. And within that comment comes the surreptitious advertisement: “You, too can have your waistline sculpted in strange, ingenious ways.”

Hmm. Wonder what parts of Barry’s brain we could lobotomize, in order to improve his rather oddly elongated head? Just a thought.

Appallingly, Eppley says, “It just seems extreme because it is the only plastic surgery other than liposuction that removes normal body parts.”

No, stupid. Removing healthy body structure is extreme because you took an oath to the ethics of healthcare. Cutting out chest bones for cartoon fun and profit on this twisted sister is physician prostitution.

So can it be surmised that we are a tad tweaked at one of our medical colleagues? Yes indeed. But . . . are we surprised a physician would gleefully take $9,000 for this goofy gambit? Not even close.

Prostitution in ‘healthcare’ is not merely alive – it’s rampant.

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