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Fake Pharmacist: Still Putting Your Undying Faith in Modern "Healthcare"?

In the San Francisco bay-area of California a Vietnamese immigrant has been handcuffed and taken off to jail, after her particular "scam the ignorant Americans" scheme was finally discovered. She has been pretending to be a doctor of pharmacy for more than 10 years.

In a press release announced by the California Board of Pharmacy, a woman named Kim Thien Le has confessed, after an investigation revealed she had lied about graduating from Creighton University with her Pharm D degree. The fact is she never came close to graduating And when the Board asked Le for her pharmacist license number, they discovered the drug-dealing imposter was using medical license numbers of two legal pharmacists with names similar to hers.

According to San Jose Police, Le illegally doled out handling three-quarters of a million prescriptions before she was caught.

Drug-dealer Le was employed by Walgreens in 3 different cities - Milpitas, San Jose and Fremont.

“Me and my son would be very grateful if you could just forget about this.”

According to court documents, Le prescribed 745,000 packets of pills over the course of a decade as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager.

“I’m shocked beyond belief that this would happen at Walgreens, a place that we trust,” said customer Sandra Cervantez. “It really makes me suspect how we’re checking pharmacists’ backgrounds.”

Le is not the only one who stepped into deep legal doo-doo. The State Board is considering revoking Walgreens’s pharmacy license at the stores where Le worked. Walgreens' management was unable to explain if they had ever examined Le’s pharmacist license, and were unable furnish her job application for the investigation.

A Walgreens spokeswoman reported that Le stopped working for the company in 2017 and that they, “undertook a re-verification of the licenses of all our pharmacists nationwide to ensure that this was an isolated incident.”

When asked how Le was able to work for so long as a fake pharmacist, the Walgreens spokeswoman chose not to comment.

The case is now under federal investigation.

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