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Is YOUR Doctor a Lab Coat Monster? You Might Want to Read "The Paramedic Heretic" to Find

Over the past 12 months of 2018 more than 2,400 doctors have been found guilty of serious misbehavior. Here's just one:

In Rochester New York a local physician has been called a "Morally bankrupt predator."

That's how Federal Judge Charles Siragusa described Doctor David Blasczak as he sentenced him to 22 years in federal prison.

The former Wayne County physician finally confessed to collecting more than 2,500 photos and at least 76 videos depicting child pornography images.

"He ruined my life. I thought I could put it past me for 20 years...but I can't," said Krystal, when Blasczak was first arrested. She said he victimized her when she was a child.

Finally justice came for Krystal, and for dozens of others, who said preditor Blasczak victimized them as well.

Kyle Rossi, Assistant U. S. Attorney said this: "The judge said that the goal of his sentence was to make sure that the defendant would not harm another child and that he would die in jail. I think that will happen," said Rossi.

Blacszak is 70 years old and asked the judge for leniency. His attorney argued that individuals over 55 are less likely to repeat their offense and are more compliant.

Larry Kasparek argued, "We can't sentence our way out of issues."

"He used a position of esteem in a small town to lure, gain access and exploit children and he victimized so many people by doing that," Rossi said.

Not only did Blasczak plead guilty to receiving child pornography, but also admitted he took nude or nearly nude photos of girls who came to his daughter's sleepovers, stole children's underwear and took pictures of his patients genitalia, claiming it was for medical research.

Judge Siragusa called Blasczak a monster, not like Jason or Freddie Kruger he said, but "every parent and civilized person's worst nightmare."

So how well do you know YOUR doctor?

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