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Maniac MD Squirts Dye Into Cancer Patient's Vagina: "It Was Just a Joke!"

In Mesa County Colorado a lame-brained gynecologist thought it would be a cool prank to squirt purple dye into a woman's vagina. Oh, yes he did. He did just that. He later told the woman - who had been an employee of the clinic - that it wasn't a big deal. In fact, it was done as a "joke" meant to freak out her husband when they went to bed.

Now as we've mentioned before, we could make this lunacy up, but with countless thousands of physician-freaks in society, why would we ever have to?

Doctor Barry W King, age 58, was convicted last week on Misdemeanor Harassment. The victim - whose name has not been revealed - was at the clinic to seek medical advice after growing concerned that her former cancer had returned.

The victim told the court that she was furious and embarrassed when she learned that King had laughingly told other people in the clinic all about his 'prank'.

Police were called and began an investigation, but they soon decided the 'dye incident' was likely not a true sexual assault. Huh?

So Mesa County Prosecutor Sally Colloton and King's attorney negotiated a wimpy plea deal, that involves a deferred judgement, and requires King to perform 100 hours of public service, write a letter of apology to the victim, and give $500 to charity.

The Colorado Medical Board wrote a letter of admonition for, "unprofessional conduct," and ordered King to take a course on "professional boundaries".

Wow, that oughta teach him.

No jail time, of course. When it comes to physicians pooping their doc-diapers, we generally don't really get into punishment much. We save true punishment for non-doctors.


Our Observations:

So in the end this medical embarrassment - formerly of Grand Junction - did what thousands of other criminal MDs do. He simply crossed state lines and moved to Fort Polk, Louisiana. And started over treating patients who have no idea what his ideas of "pranks" really are.

Oh. One more thing. So what do you suppose this stethoscope stupe does exactly, on the military base called Fort Polk?

Why, the man now mentors younger military physicians for the United States Army.

Now there's a medical professional role model, don't you think?

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