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Judges: "Death Sentence" for Doctor. He Murdered 4 People in Nebraska

In an Omaha superior court a former doctor was sentenced to death this morning, for the revenge murders of four people connected to Creighton University School of Medicine. The victims included an 11-year-old boy - the son of a staff doctor.

Doctor Anthony Garcia, now age 45, of Indiana, was pushed into the courtroom in a wheelchair and appeared to dose off, through his last, most important day in court - a hearing of a three-judge panel who sentenced him to death. The judges had already heard attorney arguments earlier this year during the sentencing phase of the trial, and could have sentenced him to life in prison.

The evil MD was originally convicted in 2016 for two double murders that happened 5 years apart. He attacked a family associated with the medical school. Prosecutors were able to prove that the killings were the result of Garcia's hidden rage over being fired by Doctor William Hunter and another Creighton staff member, Doctor Roger Brumback, who was instrumental in terminating Garcia from a pathology training program almost 20 years ago.

Detective testified that Garcia stabbed 57-year-old Shirlee Sherman and 11-year-old Thomas Hunter, after entering the family's home in an Omaha neighborhood. Police collected evidence, but had no suspects for years. But then on Mother's Day in 2013 Doctor Brumback and his wife, Mary, were found dead in their Omaha home, too. Investigators noted similarities in the 2008 murders. Doctor Roger Brumback was shot as he opened the door of his home, and was then stabbed. Mrs Brumback was stabbed to death, much the same way Thomas Hunter and Shirlee Sherman had been stabbed, years before. Garcia, who lived in Indiana, quickly became a suspect, after investigators learned of Garcia's contentious termination at Creighton years before. He was arrested during a traffic stop in southern Illinois.

Until this year, the state of Nebraska had not executed anyone in more than 20 years.

Here's another look at this appalling killer/doctor case:

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