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The Dufus 'Dancin' Doctor' Ain't Dancin' Anymore

Well, here's a spoonful of uplifting news. The 'Dancing Doctor' isn't a doctor anymore.

The Georgia Composite Medical Board has intervened and suspended this self-centered nitwit's medical license. Which reiterates that every now and then . . . lightning does strike the right person - this particular one in suburban Atlanta Georgia. Her name is Windell Boutte and - wacky in the head that she is - she still seems resolutely proud of her worldwide fame - attention she's gained since videos of her shucking & jiving while cutting on unconscious patients have been witnessed by countless thousands of normal folks. The videos are on YouTube because the daffy doc deliberately put them there. Consider her idiocy the ultimate, self-centered surgical selfie.

In one video, with the Commodores’s Brick House playing in the background, Boutte dances next to her patient’s bare buttocks and holds up a surgical tube like playing a horn. In another horrid video, a surgical assistant dances while waving a large chunk of bloody, human flesh.

So during at least the next 30 months Boutte is banned from treating patients in any way, and she may not refer to herself as a doctor.

Of course, stubborn all the way to the bone, Boutte insists she did nothing wrong. She says her patients actually wanted her to act the fool during their surgeries,

Our Observations: Evidently this UCLA School of Medicine grad is still minus a few functional brain cells. Not all of her patients think her surgical show is cute: a whole shipload of them are suing her for medical malpractice. And our guess is that her very expensive attorney will convince her that she absolutely does not want a jury to see those videos.

Isn't it curious that Boutte-the-booty-bumper's website, mentions not a whit of her doctor-downfall?

Take a look:

Here's another look at this particular lab coat lunatic:

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