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Who Killed Doctor Daniel Yacobi's Mom in Beverly Hills? LAPD Says Doctor Daniel Yacobi

A well-known dentist was arrested this week on Suspicion of Murder after his 67-year-old mother was found dead in her Bel-Air home last October.

Doctor Daniel Simon Yacobi, age 36, who also lived in Bel-Air, is believed to have killed his mother in order to inherit her wealth, according to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office.

The doctor's mother, Violet Yacobi, was found dead in her home on October 10 of last year by her daughter. Paramedics who responded saw evidence the woman had been choked to death, and had likely been dead about 24 hours before she was found.

Doctor Yacobi was arrested Monday after a four-month investigation by the Beverly Hills police. The Los Angeles District Attorney's office, which announced the arrest, did not go into detail on the motive for the murder.

Yacobi, in jail on a "no bail" status, was arraigned in court this afternoon and pleaded "Not Guilty." He was denied bail and faces the death penalty if convicted.

Yacobi operated several dental clinics in Los Angeles County.

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