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Foreign Physician Medical Scams Rip Off American Patients Again and Again. Why? Because We Let Them

We regret to report that still another Indian-immigrant physician has been convicted on numerous charges of Healthcare Fraud, as noted in a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office for Northern California.

Doctor Vilasini Ganesh, who directed a scam clinic in the small Bay Area city of Saratoga called the Campbell Medical Group, was found guilty in late December of 5 Healthcare Fraud felonies, as well as another 5 charges of lying about the clinic's fraudulently billing insurance programs.

Ganesh, age 47, along with and her criminal cohort, Doctor Gregory Belcher, were found to routinely charge patients and insurance companies for full medical services that were incomplete, exaggerated and, in many cases, billing for "ghost patients" - people who were never even in the building.

The daffy-doctor duo used their practice “to unlawfully enrich themselves,” according to law enforcement. Investigators discovered that after stealing a steady stream of money from their patients and insurance payers, they diverted the cash into their own personal accounts.

Belcher MD was convicted on the charge of lying in regard to healthcare matters, the U.S. attorney’s office said on Dec. 15.

The Campbell Medical Group, Saratoga Ca


Ganesh, who operated the criminal enterprise, submitted fake billings to multiple benefit programs for services that she knew were not legally payable, including billing for services provided by a doctor who no longer even worked at the clinic.

Vilasini M. Ganesh, MD is a Family Medical Specialist Practitioner Los Gatos California. She immigrated from India after graduating from Sri Ramachandra Medical College in 1993.

This case came to a successful conclusion is a result of a two-year long investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and we thank them for their service.

Here's more on this shameful medical embarrassment:

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