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Brain-sick Doctor in the U.K. 'Guilty' of Burning His Initials into Patients' Livers

Yet another lab coat lunatic has had his freaky fetishes exposed to the world - this one in England. It seems that an egotistical ass by the name of Doctor Simon Bramhall decided it might be a kick to start carving his initials into his patients' insides. You know, just for fun.

And so he did just that, During critical abdominal operations involving liver transplants, Bramhall, age 53, would use what is known as an argon gas cauterizer to burn his initials into their organs during transplant operations - “SB” - right on the livers of an adult male and an adult female, The crimes occurred at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, first in February and then again in August, 2013. Bramhall had been a surgeon there for 12 years.

The woman's new liver apparently did not heal correctly, and the idiot's initials were discovered by other surgeons in a follow-up operation. Who told?

Bramhall was eventually arrested, tried and found guilty of 2 counts of Patient Assault in Birmingham Crown Court.

Describing the carvings as an abuse of position, Prosecutor Tony Badenoch said Bramhall carried them out with total disregard for the respect of his unconscious patients.

Bramhall was subsequently suspended from his position as a consultant surgeon at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth hospital in 2013. He resigned a year later, and said his act had been a mistake.

Joyce Robins, who represented Patient Concern, a campaign group, was quoted by The Guardian as saying at the time: “This is a patient we are talking about, not an autograph book.”

In Birmingham Crown Court last Thursday, the lead prosecutor, Tony Badenoch, said that Bramhall’s guilty pleas “represent an acceptance that what he did was not just ethically wrong but criminally wrong.”

He will be sentenced on Jan. 12.

Our Observations:

Government Prosecutor Tony Badenock said this in court. “So far as we have been able to establish, this case is without legal precedent in criminal law,”

Sorry Tony. As often occurs when it comes to insanity in medicine, an American medical miscreant beat your wacky surgeon by a full 10 years.

Here's our story from 2013:

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