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The Bizarre Case of 'Doctor French Kiss'

In the city of Spencer West Virginia almost exactly 4 years ago, a physician was convicted on two separate cases of assault, one of whom was an elderly patient, according to a law enforcement report by Sergeant F.L. Hammack of the West Virginia State Police.

Doctor Kenneth Seen, age 52 at the time of the weirdness, was arrested on one charge of felony child abuse; three misdemeanor charges; two counts of battery and one of assault.

As a result, the West Virginia State Board of Medicine acted swiftly and suspended Seen’s medical license immediately - a very rare example of decisive action by a state medical board, when it comes to actually protecting patients.

Kenneth Seen, who happens to be both a physician and a local minister at the Christian Society of Roane County in Spencer, was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to register as a sex offender. He is to spend no time behind bars.

The most bizarre of this man's behavior was an incident where nurses reported the doctor actually stuck his tongue into the mouth of an elderly patient, and the man bit off a “significant portion” of the doctor’s tongue in response, according to hospital officials.

According to the criminal complaint, Seen had originally accused one of his patients of biting part of his tongue off. The State police official said the ER physician who treated Seen immediately after the incident, did not believe the doctor’s version of the story, saying “it didn’t add up.”

According to Officer Hammack, “The investigation revealed that Doctor Seen’s story was not physically possible.”

Initially, Roane County General Hospital notified police that a doctor had reported that a patient – while suffering from dementia and bedridden – bit a portion of a doctor’s tongue off. At some point later, the patient’s adult daughter went to the police and said she felt that a crime might have been committed.

The patient, John Shafer, was under long-term care for dementia and Parkinson’s disease and, according to the family, was far too weak and disoriented to have possibly assaulted the doctor in any way. Staff nurses also stated that Shafer was never violent.

“All evidence suggests Doctor Seen’s account of what happened is not true,” the police investigator said. “For the doctor’s injury to have happened, Doctor Seen must have placed his tongue into Mr. Shafer’s mouth. There is no other way for it to have happened.”

* * *

Now, by this time you certainly realize we could make this stuff up. But when it comes to the jaw-dropping volume of daffy doctor antics, why on earth would we bother?

Here's another view of this particular lab coat lunatic:

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