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June 24, 2018

In New Zealand last month a doctor by the name of Shelagh Isabella Dawson was found dead of an apparent suicide, two weeks after she learned she was being investigated for the murders of two different men in her life.

Dawson, a Christchurch medical researcher, is believ...

June 12, 2018

As we've pointed out for 25 years, some people - regardless of their station in life - are quite literally stupider than a box of rocks. And a whole ridiculous ton of them scribe "MD" after their names.

If you are at all interested in the strain of insanity that pervade...

Some of America's doctors are literally dumber than a box of rocks. And we've met a ton of them.

Hey! Want to have a little fun? Wanna see highly educated folks in lab coats get all flustered? Next time you see your doctors, ask them this simple question:

WHY doesn't the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) list the TRUE most serious causes of death, on their Top...

Another Indian-immigrant physician - this one in East Amherst New York on May 25 - has changed his "Not Guilty" plea to 'Guilty" in a pathetically common case of doctor-healthcare-fraud.

Doctor Sreekrishna Cheruvu, age 61, confessed in U.S. District Court to routinely s...

It is time for a mentally sluggish society to slam the door on the healthcare hoodwink. Hear it clearly: there is no 'doctor shortage'. What we do have is a primary care shortage. We have medical schools spawning a glut of high-pay specialists, and a system which rewar...

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