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An immigrant  doctor who once treated patients at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. decided to change his 'not guilty' plea to 'guilty' last December, in a particularly ugly case. In a soap opera that was chockfull of idiotic behavior - this wa...

Here's our first-ever broadcast on KCAA, Southern California:

How Can Walmart Change Healthcare? By Using Massive Data Banks to I.D. Incompetent/Unethical MDs

Yes, Virginia, in case you haven't noticed, Walmart is flexing its muscles. They're not just selling more bananas that anybody else. They're looking to smack down a whole to...

Here's a story that ought to warm your heart . . . .

It seems that 65-year-old Roxanne Loomis,  an emergency room nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center in the beautiful Oregon city of Eugene, was slowly dying. She was four years into the sad, lonely, exhausting protocols...

Still another investigation - this one by the Los Angeles Times - underscores that otherwise respected universities routinely compound the societal damage inflicted by evil physicians. The administrators - those people charged with the responsibility of ethical, higher...

A psychologist at Travis Air Force Base Medical Center in California has been arrested and charged with raping female service members. Appallingly, the women were themselves seeking therapy as victims of previous sexual assaults.

Base authorities report that Doctor Hea...

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